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NSS Yachting is part of NSS CHARTER, the first charter company in Italy for the number of boats in the fleet and for quality of service. The reviews of the customers and their return to our bases are increasingly positive.
With our management programs, becoming an owner, making money from your yacht and going on a boat vacation has never been so easy! Call us to find out the program in detail!


-Yacht sale service with NSS Yachting

- Guaranteed revenue of 7-9% of the iniziatial yacht value (according to the boat model)

- 5, 7 or more years management

- Up to 12 weeks of holiday availability

- Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance borne by NSS CHARTER

- Mooring at the base at the expense of NSS

- NO COSTS for the owner, except for the boat insurance

- Possibility to sail similar boats in any of NSS CHARTER bases in the MEDITERRANEAN, THAILAND, CANARIE ISLANDS and CARIBBEAN SEA

- Customized ownership program

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