European record for the Lagoon gathering at Cala dei Sardi

Just outside the gates of Costa Smeralda, the Lagoon World Escapade unfolded

22/05/2024 - NSS Yachting


During last weekend, the Marina Cala dei Sardi, located at doorstep of Costa Smeralda, hosted the Lagoon World Escapade, a rally requested by the world’s leading catamaran manufacturer. The event was expertly managed by the team of Simone Morelli, the CEO of NSS Yachting.

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From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, and from Australia to the Pacific, each dealer organized their own Escapade, involving all Lagoon catamaran enthusiasts and owners of the prestigious brand. In the Mediterranean, and thus at the European level, the event at Cala dei Sardi set the record with 26 participating vessels and over 150 people involved. This comes as no surprise, considering that NSS Yachting, renowned for its authority in sales and subsequent technical support of the brand, has won the European Best Dealer Lagoon award for four consecutive years.

European record for the Lagoon gathering at Cala dei Sardi

The Lagoon owners gathered in the Gulf of Cugnana from various parts of the world, including different regions of Italy, with one boat arriving from Australia, as well as catamarans from France and even a Lagoon owned by a Polish owner. For the participants, the Lagoon World Escapade was a grand celebration that began with a Friday welcome on the lawn of Cala dei Sardi and culminated in an unforgettable parade-sailing event on Saturday morning. The 26 multihulls sailed between the Island of Mortorio and Cala di Volpe, reaching the Gulf of Marinella, in front of Punta Marana, where a beach party was organized, with a swim in the emerald waters of the cove.

On the return to Cala dei Sardi, in the waters off Porto Rotondo, there was a spectacular display! Under the guidance of Gianfranco Bacchi, the current marina director who, if anyone still doesn’t know, was the Commander who, after Straulino, sailed through the Canale di Taranto with the renowned Amerigo Vespucci, a large circle was created at sea with all the Lagoon boats in motion. This moment was captured in an aerial photograph that went around the world. Practically all the catamarans in the range were on display in this grand celebration, from the “small” 40-footer to the Lagoon Seventy7, a nearly 24-meter-long behemoth.
In the evening, the enchanting gala dinner allowed the owners to enjoy the best seafood dishes and wines from Vigne Surrau. To conclude the evening, Simone Morelli thanked the participants and presented significant awards to the owners. The satisfaction of the Lagoon executives was immense, and a representative from the shipyard conveyed their greetings and congratulations to NSS Yachting. Afterwards, everyone danced in an atmosphere of great celebration.