Lagoon 51 presentation in Cala Dei Sardi with NSS Yachting

The summer tour of the new multihull Lagoon 51 will soon begin


The summer tour of the new multihull Lagoon 51 will soon begin: on June 10th the journey will start from Barcelona and will touch, in addition to Spain, France and Italy, where the most awaited stage will take place in Cala dei Sardi, Costa Smeralda.

The tour will be a great opportunity to visit and test live the new Lagoon 51, a highly innovative catamaran with a particular attention to environmental sustainability. The new Lagoon 51 is in fact equipped with solar panels for the supply of electricity and offers excellent solutions to a comfortable, fast and safe cruise.

Cala dei Sardi will host Lagoon 51 from July, Friday 29th until August, Monday 1st, and will be available for those who want to see and try it with the technical assistance of the NSS Yachting staff. 

During the weekend, the boat will be the protagonist of a shooting in the waters of the Costa Smeralda, while on-shore musical events will take place, accompanied by jazz performances of the double-bass player Salvatore Maltana, artistic director of Nuoro Jazz, and by the "Rustical Chic” exhibition of the artist Giacomo Vacca.

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