The Lagoon 51 has a flybridge that was optimized to cover 80% of its roof. Equipped with modular seating so you can accommodate as many guests as you would like, this allows you to welcome them to the helm and relax alongside the captain. A unique experience for your guests to enjoy. With 2 large sunbathing pads in front of the helm station and a spacious C shaped seating area with a table that can be lowered creating an XL sunbathing area, this gives you substantial space to accommodate all of your guests with ease. Two staircases lead to the fly aboard the 51 catamaran, one for the helmsman and one for the guests. This double access allows for a great flow between living spaces on board, a common theme throughout the entirety of the yacht. Full headroom in the flybridge allows for this space to be safely appreciated at both anchor and underway. Maneuvers are at hand from the steering station, while the guests can walk around without disturbing the helmsman. Discover a truly convivial and sociable space.


As you walk along the side decks, you’ll reach the forward cockpit. This stunning space has an unobstructed view of the ocean and open horizons. Whether sharing the sun or laying back in the shade the cockpit has many amenities to make sure you are at your maximum comfort level on the Lagoon 51.
The space has a comfortable seating area with a coffee table in the center and sun protection so you’re sure you can enjoy every moment possible with unimaginable views.



The extended transoms on our new Lagoon 51 model makes for effortless boarding. This feature brings safe and practical access to the dock side. Between the transoms is our tenderlift. The tenderlift acts as a large balcony by the sea. At mooring, the platform transforms into a bathing platform, an invitation for swimming and relaxing with your feet in the water. Finding your way from transom to cockpit is easier than ever with improved access of a two-step staircase. With this practical solution applied to our design, it is a major accomplishment on the catamaran market to meet an important need of our customers.

8,10 m / 26’7’’
1,38 m / 4’6’’
Mast clearance
23,53 m / 77’2’’
Light displacement (EEC)
19.914 T / 43,910 Lbs
Upwind sail area (std mainsail)
150 m² / 1,615 sq.ft.
Upwind sail area (square top mainsail)
153 m² / 1,647 sq.ft.
Full-batten mainsail
97 m² / 1,044 sq.ft.
Square top mainsail (opt.)
100 m² / 1,076 sq.ft.
53 m² / 570 sq.ft.
Code 0 (option)
101 m² / 1,087 sq.ft.
Fuel capacity
2 x 520 L / 2 x 137 US gal
Fresh water capacity
830 L (219 US gal)
2 x 80 HP
Number of berths
6 to 14
CE certification
A12 / B14 / C20 / D30